What's Real?

Performance at Western Front Exhibitions on May 28th 2013, curated by Jesse Birch.

Prop Talk

May 28, 2013 @ 8:00pm
Western Front Exhibitions is pleased to present a public presentation by LA based artist and writer Margaret Haines on Tuesday, May 28th at 8pm at the Western Front in the Luxe Hall.

Through considering the role of props in her filmmaking process, artist Margaret Haines presents a series of short stories titled Prop Talk: What’s Real? about the creative production of artist DKNY.The artist’s father, Tor Haines, responds to these stories, drawing from his own philosophical text, titled simply ‘Props’. Both texts contemplate how ‘prop’ is looking for semantic focus. Together and through a scripted play, Margaret and her father reflect and debate upon the possibility of mimesis in fiction, cultural reference as calcified identity, the crisis of the object, digital props, and the death (rebirth) of art.

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